Italian Tomato Pasta Sauce

Fresh tomato spaghetti sauce!

This tomato pasta sauce (or salsa) made with fresh tomatoes and basil is an ultimate Mediterranean sauce recipe easy and tasty. Even more if made during summer, when tomatoes are tasty and fragrant to be best preserved for winter.

Tomato Sauce

Ingredients: for about 2 lb (kg 1) of sauce

  • 2 lb (kg.1) tomatoes
  • 8 leaves of fresh basil
  • 3 tbsp (ml.45) olive oil
  • salt

NOTE To prepare this tomato sauce you can buy cluster fresh tomatoes.

Preparation: easy 30 minutes

  1. Wash very well all the tomatoes, and halve them. Squeeze lightly and let the seeds come out.
  2. Put the halved tomatoes into a sauce pan covered by a lid. Start cooking over low heat until they are reduced to a pulp.
  3. At this point, pass tomatoes through a food mill to converge all the sauce into a bowl.
  4. Add salt and olive oil to the sauce, and let it consume at high flame until the desired thickness. Then turn off the heat and add the whole basil leaves or coarsely chopped by hand.
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Your fresh pasta sauce is ready.

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