Authentic Italian Recipes

Your culinary guide to authentic Italian recipes and make every dish "Molto Bene"  with a tantalizing smell.

Everybody loves Italian food, and with a good reason. Italian cuisine emphasizes fresh ingredients at their peak. For most people Italian food is appealing because it tastes great.

Pasta and pizza have become two of the most popular dishes on the planet because they're versatile and delicious. Italian mothers and grandmothers have created some pretty fabulous recipes that here I have listed for you.

Antipasto (appetizer)

Nowadays Italians at home rarely put out an antipasto the only expectation would be for holidays and parties. Just restaurants tend to put out dozens of antipasti, with platters of marinated vegetables, salamis, cheeses, and grilled seafood.

Anyway, if you want to make an Italian antipasto for a special occasion or for one platter meal (piatto unico), you can give a look here for some recipes.

Italian Bruschetta
Summertime favorite appetizer "Bruschetta"

Primo (first course) Pasta

A first course usually is pasta, rice, soup, polenta and why not pizza.

Pasta Recipes

north Italian traditional lasagna with bechamel

Pasta Carbonara
autnentic carbonara recipe from Rome

tasty puttanesca with spaghetti and anchovies

Soup Recipes

Egg Drop Soup
Italian style egg drop soup named "Stracciatella"

Meatball Soup with small pasta and warm vegetable broth...

Toamto Bread Soup
Italian tomato soup "Pappa al Pomodoro"


How To Make Polenta
make polenta with step-by-step pictures

Secondo (main course)
 Meat or Fish

The main course consists usually in meat, chicken, fish or seafood and left upon individual taste.

Meat Recipes

Italian Meatloaf
Italian meatloaf with spinach and ricotta cheese

Beef Braciole
Italian beef braciole are stuffed meat rolls

Italian Meatballs Recipe  authentic Italian meatballs as never tasted before

Italian Sausage Recipe
Italian sausages with stewed beans Tuscan

Italian Veal Recipes
Italian veal recipes "Cotoletta alla Milanese" 

Italian Steak Florentine
famous Italian steak "Bistecca alla Fiorentina"

Baked Chicken
baked chicken with mushrooms done Italian

Fish Recipes

Italian Tuna Recipe
how to prepare Calabrese (Calabrian) tuna recipe

Cod Fish Recipe
Italian cod fish named "baccala alla napoletana"

Contorno (sidedish)

Side dish, the main course is usually accompanied by a platter of vegetables.

Zucchini Recipe
Italian zucchini the green Italian summer squash

Potato Croquettes
potato croquettes are a typical Neapolitan recipe

Dolce (dessert)

Dessert usually Italian cookies, cakes or tortes.

Best Tiramisu Recipe
the known Italian dessert with step-by-step pictures

Pastry Cream Recipe the most commonly used

Cannoli Recipe
Italian Cannoli made with puffy shells

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Polenta Cake

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