Authentic Italian Lasagna Recipes

Consider indeed these authentic Italian lasagna recipes for your family!

They will always satisfy your own appetite deliciously. It's the classic popular Italian homemade oven-baked pasta and I really consider them satisfying, you know why?

A dish of lasagna is substantial, and it could almost cover the calories of an entire meal. Originally from Emilia Romagna region, the center north of Italy which has a rich food tradition. Especially Bologna city is known for fresh pasta made with eggs, flour and salt.

For example tagliatelle or for stuffed pasta as ravioli or tortellini and the best-known of all Italian lasagna recipes is of course the classic lasagne made with the slow simmered Bolognese Sauce and therefore called Lasagna Bolognese (Bologna style).

How to Make Fresh Lasagna Noodles

You are wondering how to make fresh lasagna noodles so give a look at the links below it might be more easy than you first thought!

Pasta Dough
For fresh lasagna noodles, the first thing you have to do if you want to make your own pasta. How to make a pasta ball step-by-step.

How to Make Pasta Hand-Rolled
How to hand-roll a pasta ball to make your pasta sheet with a pin, step-by-step.

I Have Clear Recommendations For You!

This video shows you how an Italian grandma makes an authentic homemade lasagna alla Bolognese (Bologna style).

I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Baked pasta as lasagna in Italy varies from region to region: Ligurians make it with pesto and served as a refreshing summer dish. Calabrians use salted ricotta and Neapolitans make a carnival lasagna with Italian sausages and a variety of other ingredients.

There is a number of choices when it comes to Italian lasagna, dried, dried no-boil, fresh pasta sheets, white, green, with or without eggs, all different qualities of lasagna. Italian dried noodles are generally thinner and better approximate the delicate texture of fresh pasta.

There is no doubt that fresh noodles either homemade or store-bought, make the best lasagna. Fresh pasta is a must when using béchamel, it will improve any lasagna, including those made with tomatoes and mozzarella.

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