How To Cook Spaghetti

How to cook spaghetti perfectly in 5 proven steps! The following steps are suitable only if you make use of dried packed spaghetti, and remember that spaghetti needs to cook in a lot of boiling water.

Which is the exact ratio between watar and spaghetti? Well to keep it simple you approximately put 33 US fluid ounces (1lt) for each 28 ounces (100g) of spaghetti. So lets go ahead with the first step!

Step 1 Fill a large pot with the amount of water required to the ratio of spaghetti you have to cook as I told you above and bring to a rolling boil. Remember that if you cook spaghetti in less water they will have a tendency to stick together.

Step 2 Attention on this step, add the sea salt after the water comes to a full rolling boil. If you add the salt when the water is still cold it will take more time to rise to boil and usually a full tablespoon of salt is required that's about 5 - 10g for each 100g of spaghetti to flavor adequately.

Step 3 Once salted it's time to add spaghetti to the pot. Turn down the gas, throw in your desired amount of spaghetti and stir with a wooden spoon to avoid scratching the pot.

Step 4 If you want to lessen the time necessary for the water to return to a boil cover the pot with a lid and keep the heat medium-low otherwise the water will foam up over the lid onto your stove. Occasional give a stir to your spaghetti to make sure that they are not sticking one with each other.

Step 5 Once spaghetti have cooked for several minutes it's time for a tasting to see if they are done and how they flavour. Of course it might be hard to be precise with the timing so in general spaghetti will be done in about ten or twelve minutes. Once cooked put a colander over your sink ready to drain the spaghetti.

At this moment they are warm so don't wait to much before serving with one of my best spaghetti sauce.

Otherwise bring back to the pan for seasoning before serving just in white with butter only. Then as you can see it's pretty easy to cook spaghetti even at the last minute when you're in a hurry

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