Italian Healthy Recipes

The benefits of eating healthy recipes are globally very well known.
Yes healthy food matters!

Generally these recipes have fewer calories than normal, so it becomes more easier to control your body weight to decrease the risks associated with overweight and obesity, hypertension, diabetes or heart attack.

In addition a diet with high consumption of fruits and vegetables gives you a lot of fibers to improve intestinal functions.

In this regard, remember to use common sense. Chocolate, french fries, soft drinks, cream, oily foods, are all goodies that are allowed, but they must be consumed with great moderation if you want to take care of your health.

Healthy Fruit and Vegetables

Healthy Italian Recipes

Spinach Casserole 290 Kcal
Healthy Italian recipe with spinach, tomatoes and small onions.

Broccoli Pasta Salad 395 Kcal
Why Not try this broccoli pasta It's also excellent baked!

Healthy Pasta Recipe 210 Kcal
Paccheri pasta with broccoletti and ricotta cheese. Low fat healthy pasta!

Asparagus Recipe 280 Kcal
Italian grilled asparagus salad with prosciutto healthy starter.

Health Safe and Quality to The Table

Does this snack hurt? Where does this meat come from?

In recent years, shopping seems more complicated than ever. But just follow a few rules to dissolve any anxiety and recover the pleasures of food.

Pasta, Rice, Bread & C

About 60% of the calories we introduce daily should come from carbohydrates, mostly from starch and a far simpler than other sugars such as those contained in the cakes. Even cereals and derived, primary source of starch, must therefore occupy an important place in your diet.

Fruit & Vegetables

You know that vegetables and fruit have very few calories? They provide useful fibers and are good sources of vitamins and antioxidants.

Despite this, they are definitely underrated, far from applying the so-called rule of "five a day", three servings of vegetables and two of fruits to eat each day to prevent the so-called "welfare diseases".

Milk & Cheeses

Unless specific intolerance, cheeses should always be part of the diet, because they are a good source of Calcium, the essential component for bones. But be careful not to exaggerate, an abundant consumption of cheese too can raise the calories and lead to excessive intake of fat.


For years, nutritionists and dieticians had invited to eat more fish. Today, their calls are starting to bear results. The increase consumption of fish is estimated that each person consumes about 23 kg year. Fresh fish arrives at the supermarket, you just have to choose.


Eggs are good, tasty and cheap, full of useful substances for the body. Important they must be fresh.


Despite the decline in popularity, the meat is still a valuable food.

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