Italian Fried Polenta

It's been a while since grandmothers used to make fried polenta cake in Italy.

This plain corn polenta recipe was very useful to recycle leftovers making it going salty or sweetie fried. This recipe was one of a very few ways for poors to eat something at my grandmother's time.

There were almost no chance for them to eat cakes when poverty reigned. The idea was to sprinkle some sugar over the fried polenta to turn it into a simple cake. So what was first thought as a salty meal became sweet as a cake in a few seconds.

Italian Fried Polenta

Of course if there's no polenta leftovers it can be made on purpose just for our good palate.


  • first follow How to Make Polenta
  • salt (only if you make it salty)
  • sugar (only if you make it sweet)
  • frying oil

Preparation: easy just slice and fry

1. Polenta must be prepared the day before and kept in the fridge, if you already have leftovers even better. Once you are ready for frying place the polenta on a dish.

2. Then cut into slices large two fingers and tall one as the photo below shows...

3. Then heat in large skillet abundant frying oil. Fry until polenta has formed a crunchy crust on both sides.

A couple of tips:
a) Polenta squirts horribly, for the same reason I advise you to fry a few pieces at a time!
b) Just after sautéed sprinkle with salt or sugar to taste... I assure you it deserves!

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