Simple Mediterranean Diet Recipes

These simple Mediterranean diet recipes will help you get back in shape quickly and easily without great sacrifices.

Yes, inevitably every year is always the same story at the table, the cold season ends, and lunches and dinners always leave their sign. We find ourselves one or two pounds heavier, and this is sign of deep malaise of our body.

The real problem is not only to lose weight, but bring back our body with full efficiency, so as to eliminate the sense of swelling and heaviness. About 35 years ago, a special American commission was charged to develop a model of genuine healthy eating to contrast so-called: "wellbeing-diseases" such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, obesity and cancer.

Mediterranean Diet

The dietary model developed was then compared with eating habits of the major industrialized countries. The diet "type" prepared by American experts was quite similar in quality and quantity to the Italian and Mediterranean diet in general.

Since then the so-called "Mediterranean diet" has been taken as a model of health to be inspired to build a diet for optimum mental and physical fitness.

Mediterranean Diet Recipes Around 200 Kcal or Less!

Healthy Pasta  210 Kcal
Italian healthy pasta with turnip top (broccolletti) and ricotta.

Barley Soup 235 Kcal Vegetarian
Vegetable barley soup to warm up cold winters.

Celery Soup 150 kcal Vegetarian
Cream of celery soup with croutons and vegetable broth.

Recently, some of the world's leading experts in nutrition have made an appointment at Parma (Italy), at III International Conference CIISCAM (Interuniversity Center for International Studies on Mediterranean Food Cultures) to compare the evolution of the Mediterranean diet.

The new model that came out was called: "New Modern Mediterranean Diet Pyramid". This model is structured by placing the food of the main meal at the base of the pyramid, and then gradually rising with other foods to complete the meal. All this is distributed according to the frequency of consumption of the foods that are recommended daily or weekly.

This pyramid is quite simple. At the base there is first of all daily water, followed by daily grains, vegetables, fruits, and foods of plant origin that are recognized as the foundation of healthy eating. While at the vertex of the pyramid there is the moderate weekly consumption of meats and desserts.

New Modern Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

Also important is physical activity, conviviality, seasonality and local foods, which must be purchased from those who produce them directly. These are the principles which inspired the new food pyramid of the modern Mediterranean diet. The pyramid, which was presented as part of official celebrations at the World Food Day, is based on the latest scientific evidence and is addressed to all people aged 18 to 65 years old.

For the first time the pyramid structure introduces the concept of meals together with the frequency of consumption of different food categories. But the real news is that the new food pyramid wants to be a sustainable model of diet and healthy lifestyle that includes local foods.

Now lets in practice understand what and how much we should eat according to the new pyramid. Under everything there is the water that should never be lacking throughout the day. Then we have to consume every day, two servings of fruit, two or more servings of vegetables and one or two servings of bread, pasta, rice, couscous or other grains, preferably wholemeal.

Among the foods to be consumed on a regular basis every day there is also milk, and milk products (two or three servings), olive oil (3 to 4 portions), nuts, seeds, olives (one to two servings), herbs, spices, garlic and onions.

Once a week we should instead bring to the table chicken and white meat (two servings), fish, crustaceans and molluscs (more than two servings), eggs (two to four servings), vegetables (more than two servings), red meat (two servings or less), charcuterie (a portion) and sweets (up to two servings).

In short a real menu to follow to ensure good health and even longevity.

Three Rules to Keep in Mind to Improve Your Body Shape


To lose your weight it's necessary for you to consume more calories than you take. If you don't do some physical exercise is necessary to reduce the portions of each meal.


Without excluding any category of food, you should focus on foods easy to digest, so to moderate the calories, and make them without added fat.

Starchy foods (pasta, bread, rice...) should be slightly reduced, but the consumption once a day is essential for proper nutritional balance.


The cause of to much weight could be an eating disorder, such as alternating light meals from others to abundant, or for example a low physical activity.

To get in shape you must regain a regular life style, such as making a big breakfast and a light lunch and dinner. Especially avoid snacks between meals.

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