Italian Chicken Pasta Recipes

Fancy new chicken pasta recipes for a comfortable and complete take-away lunch.

You feel a bit tired of having to cook every day the same? Nothing could be simpler! Seek these chicken and pasta recipes. Respecting the Mediterranean tradition, they are an ideal meal for those who want to prepare a quick meal, complete and healthy.

These recipes can be considered as single course, in fact they are full of ingredients very nutritious. You can combine these recipes with vegetables, maybe grilled zucchini or eggplant.

Italian Chicken Style

Chicken Spaghetti Chili pepper, eggplant and tomatoes are three ingredients for an Italian twist..

Chicken Pasta Dish One of many chicken pasta an Italian-inspired dish with snow peas...

Chicken Farfalle Prosciutto cotto peas and tomatoes very simple. All in butterfly (farafalle) shape.

Chicken Pasta Salad
How to prepare a chicken pasta salad in summer sitting at the table...

My Philosophy of Reusing Chicken leftovers

Sure, and I think we all agree that reusing scraps of chicken is a principle which gives honor to all citizens. It's a civil gesture, respect for ourselves and our environment reuseing leftovers. Do it with taste, for sure it takes a little imagination so on the pages of my site I added many recipes where you can reuse your leftovers in the hope that even in our small we can do something good.

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