About Me and Who I Am


My name's Attilio and I live in the sunny Tuscany the most visited European region, in a village nearby Pisa's famous leaning tower.

Authentic Italian Food Lovers!

Yes, we actually are great pasta lovers and not only pasta of course. My wife Mirella and I love almost any kind of Italian food. She's native from Naples the city of real fanatic foodies.

Thanks to Mirella and her mother's cookery I could appreciate many kinds of southern dishes and foods, and I have published many recipes on this site.

Nice authentic Italian pasta recipes made with fresh, juicy S. Marzano tomatoes, great buffalo's mozzarella and of course the world's famous pizza are all coming from Naples.

So, how couldn't I be influenced by southern Italian recipes? There was no way to escape! But, this has been very good since I could indeed get into the traditional south Italian cooking, and not only that.

"Under The Tuscan Sun"

Today, we live "Under the Tuscan sun" where food is as much good as Naples even though different. Well, I have honestly to admit that I like more eating rather than cooking.

A passion of mine is writing and this site has been created to merge all that passion and love for Italian food, English and Internet.

Now, I can share with you and the whole world these authentic Italian recipes with this website. I have widely read many Italian cookbooks and an whole encyclopedia about Italian cooking.

So now, wouldn't you like to know how to make exactly how Italians do? Discovering how to make dozens of classic and everyday Italian recipes straight from Italy, at your home in your own kitchen?

Don't get me wrong, we all have our own taste and we like to experiment with food and make changes to recipes, that's not bad at all.

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